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The “first touch” introduction to effective outdoors men’s ministry within a local church can be found in The Christian Sportsman magazine. To facilitate that touch, your core men’s group can specify the names of family members and friends who would probably enjoy reading real life stories about faith, family and friends in the context of outdoor adventure. A growing variety of writers, who are themselves sportsmen, touch on an array of outdoors pursuits from hunting, fishing, or target shooting, to camping and hiking.

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Mossy Oak Trail Guide


Mossy Oak Trail Guide 

“The perfect compliment for your outdoor adventure”

Outdoorsmen around the world will tell you there’s more to the hunt than just the

prize. Time away in the beauty of God’s creation provides an opportunity to

reflect on God’s Word by the campfire or get real with Him in prayer as you are

exploring new adventures through the wilderness.

The Mossy Oak Trail Guide is the perfect complement to pack with you

other essential gear. Inside you’ll find:

  • True stories of hunting and survival
  • Survival tips for a variety of conditions
  • Practical pointers for hunting, tracking and dressing game
  • Extended passages of scripture from “The Message” translation
  • Solid, interactive devotionals that apply to your life right now

Not only will this valuable resource prove helpful in a variety of outdoor scenarios

but it will also be there to fuel your devotions when you’re ready to encounter

God in the backcountry.

To order CLICK HERE 

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Begin Planning Your 2015 Alaska Mission Trip


Alaska Wilderness Missions

• Join Us in South Central Alaska to Experience CSF’s Mission/Construction Project


May 8th – 15th or July 24th – 31st, or July 31stAugust – 7th, 2015 … Camp weeks still accepting applications!

Partnering with existing Alaska Christian Youth Ministries remains the best way to impact the culture for Jesus Christ on a long term basis … Bringing Hope to the Next Generation of Alaska’s Youth! 

The need is great!    Alaska Youth Statistics     Alaska Youth Alcohol Abuse


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2015 David Livingstone Award

Craig Boddington (L) presents David Livingstone award to Matt McPherson (C) along with Richard Jordan

Craig Boddington (L) presenting award to Matt McPherson (C) pictured with Richard Jordan

2015 David Livingstone Award

Presented to Matt McPherson of Mathews Archery, Inc. – God’s Trophy of Grace

In the mid eighteenth century when medical missionary David Livingstone selflessly served the native people of central Africa, he finished the final season of his life’s mission in a seemingly obscure and remote village where he was called to care for the sick as his part in fulfilling the Great Commission. He invested time, talent and personal resources in bringing the hope of Christ’s salvation to a seemingly forgotten tribe who lived in the dark jungles of the African continent.

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2015 Dallas Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast*

SPECIAL GUESTS – Brothers Randy & Matt McPherson

  Randy McPherson   &   Matt McPherson

You do not want to miss the premiere event for 2015 to meet and hear these two brothers who have revolutionized not only the archery industry but have effectively brought their Christian faith into launching many other successful business ventures over their careers.

Randy McPherson will serve as our keynote speaker while Matt McPherson is the David Livingstone Award recipient. Both men are passionate and have a message to proclaim in serving Jesus Christ as successful entrepreneurs in stark contrast to our sometimes crass commercial culture found in America.

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